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Shredder’s Lair Walkthrough

To enter the Shredder’s Lair level you have to head over to the Turtle’s Party. Underneath everything, you will find the place to enter into the Shredder’s Lair level.

This level is not the hardest to complete so don’t think you have to upgrade all you monkey’s features. Although, you do have to defeat the Shredder at the end of the level to get access to the jewelry box.

I’m not going to go through exact details on how to get to shredder because it is a simple path. However, do be careful when you see the bad monkeys because they will hurt you.

Shredder’s Lair Walkthrough

To kill each monkey you can either do a flip jump on them or shoot them. If you have a pet with you then they will do most of the work. In our Shredder’s Lair walkthrough video, we had a whale pet with so he destroyed most of the monkeys on his own.

When you get to Shredder you need to watch out because he will run at you fast trying to shred you to pieces. Use the dangling chains above you to swing to over the Shredder. When you get to the other side, shoot him and then jump back on the chain to swing back over to the other side.

Keep doing this until you defeat the Shredder. When you finally beat the Shredder the gate will open and you will be able to get a free prize from the jewelry box. The portal is there as well so you can enter back into the Turtle’s Party Place.