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Monkey Quest Redeemable Codes

Monkey Quest redeemable CodeHere is the Monkey Quest redeemable codes list that Monkey Quest has given ever since the game came out. There are 25 different codes so far; however, Monkey Quest is always coming out with new codes. These codes are all different and will unlock different items and features for your pet. You can only use these codes once per account so if you have used any of these they won’t work. Some of these Monkey Quest redeemable codes may have expired as well. We just wanted to give you a complete list of all the codes that have been given out. Make sure to check back often as we are always updating the list as Monkey Quest gives out new codes.

Monkey Quest Redeemable Codes

No. Code Unlocked Item
1. MQYAY5K Lantern Tail Ring
2. MQYAY10K Helmet of Zeal
3. MQFBROCKS Creepy Tiki Mask & Banana Milkshake 3 Pack
4. MQTWITTER Major Elixir of Wisdom 3 Pack
5. RANGODVD Majestic Prince Pants
6. THANKSMONKEYS Pepper Popper 5 Pack
7. 20KFLYINGMONKEYS Flying Baron Goggles
8. WISDOM Elixir of Wisdom
9. GRAPE Mystery Hat
10. RASPBERRY-LEMONADE Mystery Monocle
11. MQBOOM25K Boom Bug Helmet
12. MQLEVELUP Elixir of Wisdom 3 Pack
13. TIGER Ferocious Tiger Shirt
14. DOOM Doom Popper 5 Pack
15. HERODAY Hiro’s Armor
16. COOL35K Elixir of Wealth 3 Pack, Poison Ivy Tail
17. WEDIDIT Dragon Bomb 5 Pack
18. FOORULES Chim Foo Tail Flag
19. CRAZYMQ50K Tribal Warrior Face and Basic Survival Pack
20. WOOT45K Emerald Dragon Wings
21. FOLLOWMQ Rejuvenation Potion 3 Pack
22. PACK Basic Survival Pack
23. IMOOTU Ootu Mystic tail flag
24. YUMFOOD Pet Kibble
25. HOLYCOW Mummified Eye Goggles

Again, these are the Monkey Quest redeemable codes that are currently out today. As you can tell each code unlocks a specific item for your pet. Some of these codes unlock the same items but in a different sized pack. Not all the codes may still work so you will have to test each one out to see for yourself and you can only use each code once per account. Good luck trying these codes and have fun using them.

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5 Responses to Monkey Quest Redeemable Codes

  1. ALFRED says:

    some of the codes doesn’t work

  2. ishan233 says:

    yeah you are right

  3. i have tribe free items but now members

  4. Trinity says:

    Some stuff are getting locked! It’s saying that it’s member only :(

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